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Medical Packaging

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Our Stock Range
We supply a wide range of stock medical products including X-ray envelopes, blood boxes, packaging for blood and printed boxes for storing samples and medical instruments.

Vacuum Bags with internal dimensions of 175x305mm - £0.80 each

Die Cut Backing Boards 230x140mm in corrugated cardboard - £0.21 each

Die Cut Backing Boards 260x150mm in corrugated cardboard - £0.25 each

Bubble Bags 230x285mm +30mm lip - £0.21 each

Blood Boxes

Blood Boxes
We can supply our stock range of blood boxes which are available as either plain stock or colour coded with print specifying the contents of the blood bag held inside.

We can also supply any custom design of blood box you require with any colour and print. We accept contracts and will hold stock for you and ship to you as requested. We have supplied the national blood service in the UK and welcome export oppertunities.

Customised Medical Packaging

Customised Medical Packaging
We can supply fully customised boxes to fit your needs suchas the custom carton shown above used to transport and hold eye drop bottles.

X-Ray Envelopes

X-Ray Envelopes
We also supply x-ray envelopes used to store x-ray films, these can be printed to your requirements and are available in a range of sizes and colours.
Hospital TapesHospital Tapes
Please visit our new specialist tapes website to view our range of medical and hospital tapes used to identify the contents of pipework in hospitals, medical and research facilities. View them by clicking on the image to the left. Our new website specialisttapes.com provides a much wider range of tapes with full online ordering capabilities, the site is fully secure and easy to navigate. It is impossible to cover all tapes on our webiste so please call us on +44 (0)1732 773364 to for more info. Campbell International - the experts in specialist tapes.
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TEL: +44 (0)1732 773364 - PLEASE CALL TO ORDER - info@campbelluk.co.uk

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